Your design looks good, but is it what users want?

This article was written as an individual review assignment for PPL CSUI 2021

Do you ever hear people saying “bad UX” when they are using an app? do you ever feel confused when using an app? well maybe you just facing a product that builds without thinking about its users and just wants to be looking good, it is wrong? well in some conditions such as when you are just want to build a good portfolio then it will be fine. but if you are building an app that will be used by users, especially many users, then you might consider not just good User Interfaces but also what your user experiencing when using your app.

Building an app that will be used by many users is very hard, every aspect of building an app is hard, including design the app so users can be used it easily and comfortably. just imagine that you already building an app, but because you didn’t consider the UX of your app, your lovely app isn’t successful, not just because is not working or your app implements a bad idea, but because your app doesn’t fulfill what your users exactly need. So how we prevent this condition happen? User Centered Design(UCD) come to the rescue.

User Centered Design, what is that?

in simple words, User Centered Design is we design our apps, but instead of just design as we want, we have to ask our potential users what exactly is they want? in my personal opinion, UCD is like when a blindfolded person walking, instead of just walking without knowing a direction, why not are you asking people for help?

in more formal words, User Centered Design is an iterative process that in all aspect of the design process, all this process focusing on what the user needs.

In my projects, for implementing User Centered Design, what we do is getting know what niche of people will be using our apps, and from all of the niche, we will map what all the users need, all of this process is wrapped all and became Persona for our apps. There are four niches of users that we mapped for our app, which is

From these four personas, we can know what exactly our users want and from that, we can build our design not based on our preference but based on what our users needs. For example in our projects, we have a newbie persona, his name is Dovi Mateo. his goals are getting information and guidance about how the jurisdiction process works and to know the list of courts that can be visited by him, so in our apps, we design the app based on his need

As you can see, we design our app to have our own List of Court pages so when users like Dovi want to find a court, they can find it on this page. another frustration that Dovi felt was he doesn’t understand the flow of the procedure when creating a report, so we dedicate another page just for the user to read the guide and procedure for making a report

every chapter of the guide we, user can see when pressing the button of the chapters, and also if the user more comfortable reading it in pdf, we also provide download features.

Another example is we try to solve Chia Gibson frustrations, she feels that she hard to understand the flow of the app, so we commit create our apps flow as simple as possible, so when the users want to create a new report, they can just press the red big button with + icon, then the popup will be showed and asking what type of report they want to create, so from any screen, the users can create a new report because we knew that the main business of this apps is to report management.

We also consider what the lecturer personas want, represented by Ezra Lubis. Ezra Lubis said that he doesn't have much time to recap all the reports that have already been submitted by his student. We decide to dedicate one page specially to recap all of the reports submitted by the student in the admin dashboard, so the users, in this case, Ezra Lubis could easily see the recap.

From the last unmentioned personas, which is Febi Ola, the teaching assistant, obviously, her role was to support the lecturer. She needs to easily access all the reports that are already submitted by the student, for that, we create a feature so the admin can see the student's report on the go from the apps.

from doing a design process like this, we already doing investment for our apps, and we can surely certain that our apps fulfilling our users' needs.

I think that’s all for this article, hope this article can help you realize that just make a good User Interface for your app is not enough because our users are need something more than that :)




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