Is scrum a silver bullet for building software?

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in my opinion, there is no such thing as a silver bullet solution in SDLC, every type of SDLC is will be good if they are in the right place. An agile process like scrum is popular lately because it fits what common industry need now, but another model like Perspective processes such as waterfall, iterative and etc are also still be used by another company that their needs are not delivered product In a fast-paced, but more prioritize stable, safe product to be used for their users. I am not talking about if agile approach product is not safe and stable, but usually, the perspective process is used by the company that already knows what their users needs. Personally, if I am working on a project that the requirement is already fixed in the beginning then I will prefer waterfall model as my SDLC because it is simple and straightforward and doesn’t spend my client much time doing sprint review with the dev team.




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