Be Aware of Your Team Environment

How Team Dynamics Affect My Team

Fortunately, in my Team, all of the members are my inner circle in college, so it’s not that hard to notice all of my team's personal traits. Because all of the members of my team already know each other trait, believe it or not, every decision that we made was affected by the Team Dynamics, such as there is a member that his though always listened by another member, there is a member that always having detail for everything, there is a member that all-rounder who can get the job done. when our team doing Sprint Planning, every backlog that we took always affected by this Team Dynamic. when our Product Owner explaining what backlog that we will do in that sprint, the decision of is the backlog will be taken or not was affected by this Team Dynamics. also another example was when my team facing a hard situation that we find a deadlock of how to implement a feature, then how we find the solution of this situation was also affected by Team Dynamics.

our discord server
our private group project on gitlab


There is many factor that could affect our team performance. one of the factor was healthy team environment that could affect directly to our team performance. to maintain our team environment healthy, we need to getting to know our team member and notice the Team Dynamics of our team so we can boost our team performance based on our Team Dynamics.




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