The fastest way for your product to go into the market with less cost.

In my personal opinion, one of the most interesting parts of building a new project is deciding what architecture that we will use

why scrum became so popular lately? is this the best approach for building software?


When talking about how you manage your team to work on projects(in this context, building software) and want to produce high quality software…

ahhh… I wish to know all of this stuff a long time ago :(

For a software engineer, or everyone who needs version control in their works, using git as their version control is very recommended or maybe various people will think it’s a must to use it. …

Deciding what state management works for your case is fundamental, so hopefully, this article might help :)

In this article, I will not discuss what is exactly state management, but instead, I will discuss and compare two state management that personally I have been used since my second semester of…

Perhaps, If you met a dead end when creating testing, maybe you need to read this article

In this age of Web development, web development isn’t just only about HTML, CSS, and maybe javascript, but today more…

DRY is one of the most important design principles every engineer should understand for the sake of engineers life(literally)

In this age, software engineer skill of coding and problem solving is just a basic skill that every…

Anggardha Febriano

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